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Health care documentary filmed in Tampa heads to post-production

TAMPA, Fla. – A new health care reform documentary film shot in the Tampa Bay area has headed to post-production with a tentative release set for mid-spring, the production company announced in a press release Monday.

Production of the film titled “Diagnosing Healthcare” began in early September with principal photography taking place on-location in Tampa, Florida and Washington, D.C., producers said. The film is being produced by health care expert Paul Roberts and Emmy-award winning director Tim Moore.

“The Tampa Bay area is truly the perfect location to focus on health care and the problems we’re all facing,” said Roberts, the executive producer for “Diagnosing Healthcare” and a 15-year resident of the Tampa Bay area. “Health care isn’t just an issue for some, it’s an issue that will affect all of us at some point or another, and the Tampa Bay area has a significant amount of people who are experiencing these issues first hand as they progress into their later years.”

“Diagnosing Healthcare” is a feature-length documentary, which covers a variety of problems plaguing the American health care system including rising costs and inefficiencies with the system. However, it not only focuses on the problems, but the film also showcases two fully developed proposed solutions.

One of the proposed solutions was designed by Roberts and is called Coordinated Care for All. The plan was recently promoted by the Case Management Society of America when an article focusing on the plan was published in latest issue of their flagship magazine, CMSA Today. According to Roberts, the proposed health care solution would save more than 40 percent over Medicare for All and does not need to be adopted by a single-payer source like other plans.

Coordinated Care for All improves cost effectiveness, while improving the quality of care by focusing on prediction of risk, education, prevention, cost containment, improving efficiencies and implementing medical case management, Roberts said.

“After spending a significant amount of time to propose my plan to law makers, I realized that in order to truly get anything changed, I needed to go directly to the public to share my plan,” said Roberts. “Ultimately, I will let them decide if they like my proposed solutions, when they get the chance to learn about them in 'Diagnosing Healthcare' this spring.”

About “Diagnosing Healthcare” “Diagnosing Healthcare” is a feature-length documentary film, which focuses on the rising cost of health care, inefficiencies in the health care system, fragmented medical records, a lack of access, pharmaceutical deregulation, disparate billing practices, and it offers two fully developed alternative health care solutions to address those issues. The film’s production costs and budget were nearly $250k and have been funded by Roberts. Filming began in September 2019 and concluded in December 2019. The film is expected to be released in mid-spring. Discussions for distribution are ongoing, with a possible release on Netflix or other streaming platforms.

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