“Citizen Controlled Healthcare”

Free-Market Healthcare or "Citizen Controlled Healthcare" is also known as a cash-access healthcare system. Patient prices for health-related care is set freely by an agreement between the patient and health care provider. The supply and demand of these services are free from any intervention by government, a price-setting monopoly, or other authority. Typically, patients benefit from enrollment in a cost-sharing program (similar to a credit union) where the cost of medical care is distributed among its members, based on need. The member would pay a monthly "share" (similar to a premium). The patient then pays cash up to the share value of the plan (i.e., a $1500 share) and then the costs incurred above this would be shared by the members of the plan. Discounts are often available for cash-paying patients, due to the difficulties of recovering payment from insurance companies. Health savings plans (HSAs) are often used to help pay for treatment. This system returns control to the patient and provider.

Health care is an inalienable right.  That said, our politicians have lost focus on what is important, which is access to health care, not access to health insurance.  When our attention is diverted away from health care in order to guarantee access to health insurance, access and quality to health care suffers.  Health Insurance is not health care.

-Mark Willcoxon